About Us


Visitwembley.co.uk. is the destination marketing agency for Wembley. Idea was developed by a local resident who has lived in the are for over 30 years. The Website has developed a strong brand for the area – promoting it nationally and internationally as a place at the forefront of innovative culture-led regeneration and a world-class place to live, learn, work and visit.

As a resident of Wembley, I have seen significant change over the years and the recent development of Wembley Stadium and the surrounding areas provides a perfect opportunity to show case what Wembley has to offer to both national and global audience.

The area has been called the most diverse in the UK, with large populations of Asian, Afro-Caribbean, African, Irish, South American and Eastern European people. This is also about celebrating Wembley’s diversity on a national and global stage.

Personally, this is an opportunity to give something back to the community that has given me so much over the last 30 plus years.

Our Vision

  • To promote and market Wembley to leisure and business audiences online. We really want to maximise the Wembley effect for good of Brent.
  • Become the main tourist information portal for Wembley.

Our Role

Our role is to let the world know about the attractions and quality of life in Wembley and we use the brand to encourage people:

  • Visit Wembley sporting and entertainment events
  • Visit Wembley for a city break
  • Wembley as a place to learn move to
  • Wembley as a place to shop
  • Wembley as a place to work and live
  • Engage in our cultural programmes

Benefits to Local Businesses & Community

  • Awareness of Wembley area
  • Awareness of shops, restaurants, bars
  • “Spend the Day in Wembley” (most visitors only come before show and do not experience the diversity Wembley has to offer).
  • Ability to advertise local services to both national and local audience.
  • Promote all the venues of the Borough under Wembley as a business tourism cluster.